That Hunk of Junk

Where Tim meets Abby

Tim washed his face and looked in the mirror. Sometimes he had to just make sure he was still there, that he was still himself. It had been a week since the crash, and he had learned a little about himself since then. Mostly that he could ‘hulk out’ into a giant rock monster.

It didn’t feel good to do, and he wasn’t sure what to do about it… but there it was, just like that.

He straightened up from the sink and ran a towel over his face.

Had to head down to the auto shop where the tow-truck had dropped off the Impala off. Tim was a little mad about that. It was a classic and he had kept it in good condition. Now it was probably going to be written off as totaled. He could get it fixed and drive it as a salvage title, but that really hurt the value.

Still, insurance would cover most of the costs to fix it. He doubted he’d be able to recoup anything from the other guy. Turns out they found him near the car, smashed up pretty good. The cops wrote it off as a double accident, the guy must not have been wearing his seatbelt. They took it in stride that Tim had left the scene. Probably dazed and off his rocker for the moment. Understandable, the guys said.

They liked him and didn’t see a need to look too hard at something as simple as a double vehicle accident on ‘Dark Day’.

He got dressed and waited for the cab, which picked him up and took him to Mike’s Body Shop.


Abby had cried a little inside when she saw the car. It had obviously been taken care of and here it was, smashed up. It wasn’t going to be cheap to fix but it deserved to be made whole again.

That idiot Eddie had brought it in, said it was part of a two-car collision that had happened the morning of Dark Day. One person had died in the wreck. Not the owner of the Impala, though. He’d be in to talk about this options in a few days.

It was going to cost more than the insurance was going to cough up. Not a little bit, either, probably three or four thousand out of pocket for the guy. But maybe he was the kind of guy that could throw that sort of money around.

She was under the car, checking the front axle when she felt it. A sort of… deep body chill. The kind you get when someone runs a finger up your back. She felt a sense of… something… familiarity.

She looked down past her chest and saw a pair of athletic shoes. With a frown she rolled out and took note of a beefy young man, well built. He was staring down at her, confused.

And she knew. And she knew that he knew…

Abby looks up at the guy and stares at him for a moment, not sure if she should run and hide or what, exactly, she is supposed to do. Instead, she gets off the creeper and stands up, looking at the man At 5’7" and maybe 135 pounds, she is dwarfed by the man in front of her. His jacket and shirt do little to hide his physique and she immediately thinks football. Abby’s shoulder length black hair is tied back in a pony tail and covered with a greasy bandana scarf, but some of her hair seems to have escaped the scarf and curls about her face, which is streaked with grease and oil, partially concealing her light, milk chocolate skin. It is still easy to see her African American heritage while the almond eyes let him know that there is a bit of Asian in the family tree somewhere. She might actually be nice looking if she was cleaned up a bit.

Abby is wearing a T-shirt and grease-stained coveralls, which seem to add to the messy girl motif. She wipes her hands on a rag at the belt of her coveralls and holds one out to the man while motioning to the car behind her with the other. “Yours? I am Abby, by the way.” She draws her eyes from his face to her hand and sees that it is still greasy, She wipes it on her coveralls and looks at it ruefully. “Well, I would shake your hand if mine was clean. So, we sent the insurance claim stuff back yesterday, so you have to see Mike about that.”

She turns to the car then back. “Even in this state, I can tell that you put some care into her. Sorry for your loss.”

The man looks down at her, his mouth slightly open. After a moment he comes back to himself, giving his head a slight shake and blinking twice.

“Right, uh… Tim…”

He looks at the car, then back to her. “I’m sorry… have we met before?”

Abby shares the rather obvious nervousness the young man is experiencing. Her heart rate has certainly increased and she is momentarily at a loss for words. Falling back on something more natural, she turns to the car and says, “Tim, I am not sure what I can tell you about your car. I am not one of the insurance suits, but my guess is that they are going to total this out for you. At my estimate, it will cost you some bucks past whatever they pay you to get her back on the road. I can do it for you if you can pay the extra, but that is something you will need to talk to Mike about. Here, let me show you some of what I am talking about.”

As she walks with Tim, she gets more and more convinced that he is like her. She finds an opportunity to lean over and whisper to him, “Are you like me? I mean, can you change into something different, something wonderful?”

Tim takes a step back, “Wait— wut?” he scratches at his arm and looks around.

“What are you talking about?”

He looks confused, but also cautious.

Abby looks at Tim and grins. “Come on. I can see it and I know that you can, too. What do you change into? Can you do magic?” She looks around, her eyes focusing on the big clock mike has put up in the garage. “Listen, it’s a bit after four now. I think that we really need to talk. I get off at five. Do you want to come to my place after and we can talk while I get ready for my evening job? Hey, you should come to the club. The entertainment is good, if I say so myself, and the food isn’t bad, either.” Abby takes a quick look at Tim’s hands but does not see a ring…..still one never knows. “Unless you got a jealous wife or girlfriend?”

She stops pacing and steps up close to Tim. “Look, I think this is important. Don’t run away after just finding someone like you. I am probably as nervous as you are, but I just talk more to hide it. What do you say?”

She raises her voice so she can be overheard. “The waiting room is just over there. You can tell by the opulent furnishings, state of the art coffee machine, and up to the date magazines.”

From somewhere, Tim can hear a man shout out. “Yeah, what she said. All that opulence.”

Another voice from comes from somewhere under a car. “Don’t forget the fancy coffee machine.”

A largish man sticks his head out of the office and yells. “All right, you guys. All that stuff is expensive. Any time you jokers want to contribute to better stuff around here, just let me know. Until then shut up.” The man goes back into the office, serenaded by laughter and hoots from several places around the garage.

Abby looks back at Tim and smiles as she nods to where the large man had gone. “That is Mike, my boss. If you need to talk about the insurance, he is the one to talk to. So go knock on his door or go to the waiting room just over there and try to get comfy for the next thirty-five minutes or so and I will join you when I am ready to scram out of here.”

Tim goes into the waiting room for a bit. Magic? Change into? Was this girl a rock person, too?

Then the owner, Mike, calls him in to the office. It looked like it was going to cost about 2 and a half out of pocket.

That hurt and Tim rubbed his eyes. He needed a car to get to class and that wasn’t any more expensive than getting something new would be. Hell. This was going to wipe out his savings…

I could always rob a bank he thought with a chuckle. Being a lumpy rock monster could have its benefits…

He looked out of the office towards the woman in the coveralls and frowns.

“Well,” he says, slowly, “I need the car… so lets do it.”

Mike nods and pushes some paperwork in front of him, which he signs absently before going back to the waiting room.

Abby does some real work for the next half hour, then knocks off to go to the locker room, changing into her street clothes. Mike opens the door between his office and the waiting room and calls out to Tim. “Hey, your ride is getting ready to leave. Come on out”

He takes Tim out to the garage work area and Tim sees three mechanics gathered nonchalantly about a coffee table in what is probably a break area. Tim’s eye catches movement and a pretty girl in jeans and T-shirt walks near the break area and three sets of eyes follow her every step and every bounce of her very nice looking breasts. As she passes the men, she gives her ass a wiggle and all three shake their heads. Mike leans a bit closer to Tim. “And that is real magic, Tim. I am amazed every time I see it, which is nearly every day. She is one damned fine mechanic, but get her out of those coveralls and she is really something else.”

Abby waves to Tim and motions for him to join her as she steps up to a large Harley-Davidson motorcycle. She wheels it out to the garage yard and plugs her phone into its slot on the dash and hands her helmet to Tim. “Law says if I only have one helmet, the passenger has to wear it. I have two, but the other is at home as I usually do not go about expecting to pick up hunky guys. Ever been a passenger on one of these? I am not going to do any tricks and I tend to drive the speed limit, so this will be super easy for you. Just gt on behind me and hold on. Not too tight, but tight enough. Any questions?”

Tim shakes his head as he puts on the helmet and then climbs on behind Abby. He puts his hands on her waist and sits up straight. He imagined they must look a sight… he thinks he must be twice her size.

Abby climbs on the bike and shows Tim where to plug in the cable from the helmet. “Doesn’t let us talk any better because I am not connected in, but it keeps the cable from flopping about.”

Once Tim is on behind her, she says. “You can sit back against the rest if you like, but don’t be afraid to hold on to me. And we’re off.”

Abby drives carefully, knowing that the bike is balanced a bit differently than normal and she does not need to spill this guy. She wonders what his story is and if he really does not know or if he is just being coy about it for some reason. She pulls up at a rather normal looking wood frame house and has Tim dismount before her. Abby wheels the bike to the side before securing it to the steel beam and heading into the house. “Not much to look at, but it is home. I share with a woman, but she disappeared on Dark Day and has not come back.” As Abby switches on the lights in the living room, Tim sees a large python looking at him. The girl walks to the snake, which must be at least seven feet long and bends over to rub its head. The snake flicks a tongue out and coils partially around her lower arm. She looks up at TIm and says, “This is Sin. Sin, meet Tim.”

Abby stands and points to a door with a pet door in it. "That is Sin’s room. I can show you if you are interested and if we have time. For now I need to get ready. Come on in and we can talk. The snake follows her into a bedroom and she lifts it onto the bed. Turning to Tim, she slips her T-shirt over her head and reaches back to undo her bra hooks. Letting the bra slip to the bed, she massages her boobs and sighs. “That feels good. Gets a bit sweaty in those coveralls. SO tell me what you can change into and how did it happen and I will do the same.”

She opens her jeans and slips them and her sensible white cotton panties to the floor as she waits for Tim to say something.

Tim starts to follow Abby in and then spins around abruptly.

“Whoa,” he stammers. “I… uh…” His interest in the trim around the door spikes.

“Uh… so, when the crash happened… on Dark Day… the guy was actually trying to run me down.”

He steps out of the doorway back into the main part of the house. He raises his voice slightly to be heard.

“And I don’t know, I just… changed. Grew. Heavy and solid. And I sort of just smashed—”

He pauses. “Smashed my way out of the car.”

He kneels down at one of the smaller alters in the living room, examining the relics there.

Abby balances herself with one arm against the bed as she bends over to take her socks off, then she steps out into the main room and looks at Tim before walking over to where he is kneeling. “Hey, don’t be so shy and nervous. You act like you’ve never seen a naked girl before. What you ARE looking at to avoid seeing my boobs are our voodoo relics.” She kneels next to him. “If you are interested, I can tell you a lot about voodoo.” Motioning to the amulets that drape between her bare breasts, she adds. “These are protective amulets I am wearing, and these on my wrists are charms for luck and power. This one with the fingers is new and I wear it for protection against the dead.”

She stands up and says, “I am going to take a shower and if you are going to stay out here we won’t be able to talk much. Come on into the bathroom, or at least stand in the doorway. I promise not to bite…………unless you ask me to.”

She turns to walk to the bathroom, looking at Tim over her shoulder as she goes in. “You coming?” She will raise her voice a bit as she gets ready. “I was sort of similar. I was attacked by two guys who were going to rape me and beat me up, maybe even worse. Then I was possessed of a special Loa. Loa are the voodoo spirits and gods and some of them can possess another person. Just like people, some of the Loa are nice and some are not. One special Loa came to me that night and possessed my body. She still shares it and we both live together. Sounds crazy? Yeah, I would think so, too, but it is very real. I am able to tap into her consciousness and cast spells. I am still learning exactly what I can do through her, but I think it is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. And you should see her body. Holy fuck is she smoking hot. Way better looking than me. I will exchange places with her later so that you can see for yourself. Anyway, she killed those two guys and saved my ass, so you can be damned sure that I am doing everything I can to keep her happy in there.”

“I don’t… uh… need you to bite… I—” Tim stops himself. He realizes he sounds like an idiot, but this is sort of outside of his experience. He’s not afraid of women, but this one is far too forward for his comfort.

He doesn’t follow her immediately to the bathroom, but after she’s safely ensconced within, he gets up and walks over, leaning outside the door and raising his voice to be heard over the water.

“So not like… uh… a rock… thing?”

Abby stays under the hot water long enough to do her hair and clean the grease off. She steps out of the shower and dries off inside the bathroom before tying the towel around her torso to keep everything all neat and put away. As she prepares the toothbrush, she answers Tim. “Uh uh. No, sort of more like a snake. Well, a woman’s body but snake scales for skin. All very attractive, actually, and a killer body.”

She brushes her teeth and steps out of the bathroom, looking at Tim and making sure that the towel stays up. “Look, I am sorry that I made you uncomfortable. I did not mean to. I should have asked before I just stripped like that. I will go change in my room and you can stay outside the door, if you like, so we can still talk.”

“It’s alright," he responds, "I’m just not used to that… sort of thing, I guess.”

Abby walks to her room and takes the towel off when she is sure that Tim can’t see her as she starts to get dressed. “Can you do magic, too? I have access to some wonderful things but I am sure that there is more to learn about it. Actually, my talents are a bit meagre, but they are much better than what they were before my Loa came to share my body. Here, wait a mo and I will be right out.”

Tim shrugs. “Magic? No, I don’t think so… that sounds weird… but shit. Changing into a monster is weird too, so I guess magic… makes sense?”

She finishes dressing by putting a clean T-shirt then walks out to where Tim is waiting. “Ta da. All dressed. Again, sorry about that earlier. So, all ready to see who is sharing me? Here goes. She will not hurt you as long as you don’t try to hurt me, so don’t be scared.”

Abby allows the Loa to emerge and a few seconds later, the scaled beauty is standing in front of Tim, wearing Abby’s clothes. The big difference, aside from the scales, is that two decaying heads are hanging by chains from a belt that has appeared at her hips. The expression on each face is one of horror and the lips are moving, softly uttering gibberish for words.

When she changes, he stiffens slightly, but seems to take it in stride. “That’s… you are not like me… that’s for certain.”

He looks down at the two faces and frowns. “Ugh, where did you get those?”

Abby smiles. She revels in the way the serpent patterns seem to shift as she moves. “I am not sure if it makes any sense at all, but I am living it so I don’t really care if it does or not. This form is real and the magic I can use is real.” She turns profile-on to the full length mirror in the living room and presses her hands against the blouse to emphasize her curves. “And this body is just so perfect. The boobs, the butt, the waist……………all of it, just perfect.”

She turns back to Tim and takes her hands off her body to avoid embarrassing him further. “I had thought that maybe you did some sort of earth magic, you know, because you turn into stone. Maybe you just haven’t figured out how to use it yet.”

When he refers to the heads, she reaches down and turns them so that they are looking at her. “Aren’t they just the cutest? This is what is left of the two men who tried to rape and kill me on Dark Day. Well, these heads and the fingers on my necklace.” Her expression changes to something not very nice and her tone of voice changes. “No, they learned their lesson, and now they are going to be with me always. I guess the moral of the story is not to try to fuck with the voodoo priestess.”

Abby shakes her head as she puts the heads back down and changes back to her regular form. “Thank you for not running away. I don’t think yours is the normal response so I need to stay more in this form for a bit. Anyway, I have to leave soon for my job at the club. Would you like to come along? I have to tell you that it is a strip club and I take my clothes off on a stage in front of lots of people, although Tuesdays are usually pretty quiet. We could chat during my breaks. I would like you to come, if you want to. After all, you have already seen me naked. I just think that there is a reason that we are able to do what we do and it might be important. What do you think?”

“Well, you are a sight, that’s for sure,” Tim shoves his hands in his pockets. “And startling to behold. and those guys,” he physically points at the heads, “are unsettling as fuck…”

He looks around, and then shrugs.

“But I’m a fucking rock monster… like… the thing from Fantastic Four, maybe. So who am I to judge? As for going to work with you… sounds like they have a bar. Sure.”

Abby smiles at Tim. “Unsettling to you, perhaps, but their presence at my waist means that they will never rape another young girl ever again. They got at least part of what they deserved.”

She nods at his decision to come to the club. “Great. Let’s get ready to rock. I have a second helmet that I bought just in case I could get Mama Lini on the bike with me, but she was a bit scared of it. Let me get that and I will be ready to go.”

Abby walks back into her room and picks up the second helmet, returning to Tim and handing it too him. “We can hook this up so that we can talk while I drive. Come on..”

She leads the way back outside, where she locks the door and heads to the bike. Rolling it out to the street, she pugs her phone and the helmet jack into the dash and shows Tim where to plug his jack in on the flip down armrest. She climbs on and motions for Tim to do the same and tells him to hold onto her. “So, I guess I should have asked. You have a wife or girlfriend I should be worried about?”

“Ah… no, not really. Well, no.”

He puts his hands at her waist as she motors off.

“I’m up at Butler, working on my degree. Criminal Forensics. And playing ball. That and working at the PD. Janitor though, not a cop yet. No time for anything serious, I guess.”

Abby grins. “I am not an egg. You can hold on a bit tighter than that, if you want. So no girlfriends. I suppose strippers and prostitutes don’t rank high on your list of possible girlfriends? OK, hang on through this traffic."

After Abby weaves in and out of traffic for a bit, she chuckles. "College, eh? Good for you. I never finished high school, myself. Your parents must be very proud of you. And criminal forensics? That’s like CSI stuff, right? Like on the TV show? I used to like the original the best, but it got a bit stupid for a while. Miami was OK, but I liked the New York guy. Gary Sinise is hot.”

After a pause to make a sharp turn, she continues. “And football, too? I thought so when I first saw you. You look like a football guy. When do you start practice? Maybe I can come watch you.”

He doesn’t really hold any tighter around Abby’s waist. His hands nearly encircle all of it in any case.

“Yeah, CSI-type stuff, I guess. It’s not really like it is on TV.” Abby can feel him shrug. “Spring practice starts next month,” he says. “But I don’t know if I should play… what if I… ‘hulk out’ in the middle of a game?”

His silence on her first question doesn’t go unnoticed."

Abby chuckles. “Yeah, gotta be careful of that hulking out thing. Could sorta be unfair to the other team.” That he had not responded to her first statement is not lost on her.

She pulls into the parking lot and secures the bike, telling Tim to bring the helmet. When they get to the door, Abby has him show his ID to Al and pays Tim’s cover charge. The bouncer raises an eyebrow at Abby but lets them inside. Abby stops just inside and removes her biker jacket, revealing the python wrapped about her shoulders and arms. She lifts the head to her face and gives Sin a kiss then looks over at the stage, where one of the girls is already naked and working on the last part of her set. “Darn. You just missed April. She has a good act, too, you would have enjoyed it. Say, I forgot to ask if you were twenty-one. If not, you have to go sit over there and please don’t get me in trouble by asking for alcohol. Spider’s pretty serious about that shit.”

Abby motions to one of the scantily clad waitresses and the pretty girl comes over. “Tiff, this is Tim, a friend of mine. Please see that he is well taken care of while I get ready. Put his drinks on my tab, please.” She hands the girl something and gets a packet of money in exchange. Turning back to Tim, she offers him the cash. “Tim, this is Tiffany. She will get you seated and take a drink order. Here are forty ones that you can use to show appreciation for the girls on the stage. Try not to show too much appreciation to any one girl. Unless it’s me, of course. Bye for now. Sin and I need to get ready, but I will be out after my first set to see how you are doing.”

Abby leans over and gives Tim a kiss on the cheek and walks off with Sin. Tiffany gives Tim a good look. “You must be special if you caught her eye. Abs doesn’t usually bring guys in. In fact, I’m not sure she even has a guy. Well, you, obviously, but I meant a different guy, in the past. Not seen her in with one in the two years I been working here. Let’s get you seated and that you tell me what you want to drink and I will take good care of you. OK?”

Tiffany takes Tim to a seat and takes a drink order. Abby heads on back to the changing room and gets ready to go on stage. While changing, two of the other girls come in. “Hey, Abs, who’s the hunk?”

“Yeah, is he yours exclusively or can I try for him?”

Abby laughs at the good natured ribbing. The current group of girls is pretty much one big family and no one goes after an announced boyfriend………..not unless the girl is willing to share. “Girls, this one is mine for a bit. His name is Tim. I’m trying him on to see if he fits. But I am sure that he would not mind meeting everyone.” There is more laughter as the girls talk about Tim while they dress. When Abby has her costume on, she bends over and nuzzles Sin as she stretches him across her shoulders. “Wish me luck.”

She waits at the ready line and hands the DJ her song mix for the set. After the dancer in front of her comes down the hall, Abby goes to stand behind the curtain and nods. The DJ asks everyone to give it up for Abyssinia and Sin and Abby goes through the curtain to begin her routine. What she can do with the snake is sensual as hell and the crowd responds to her in the best possible way……………..by tossing money to the stage or pressing forward to stuff it down her clothes. She manages to keep Sin on her shoulders and arms as she strips her clothing off during the three songs of the set. It is a bit complicated how it all comes together, but the men in Perv Row eat it up.

After her set is completed, Abby stoops over to pick up the money on the stage, giving her admirers another opportunity to gaze at her body. She waves to the crowd as she disappears behind the curtain, bringing on some new cheers and a chorus of “I love you”. After giving the DJ his cut, she returns to the changing room and puts Sin in his box on the floor as she puts on something for the main room. Picking Sin back up, she drapes him again and kisses his head. “One set down, three to go.” She smiles at the girls rotating into the changing room and goes out to the main floor to find Tim. Abby motions for him to scoot over a bit in the booth and sits down. “Hey, it looks like Tiff did you all right. Not thinking of cheating on me with her, are you?” She laughs at the look on Tim’s face. “Just kidding. She wouldn’t try anything. So, what did you think of the routine. Any pointers to improve it?”

Tim shrugs. “I couldn’t say… it looked great, though… I mean… uh… well…” he trails off and shrugs a second time.

“Say, while you were on, there was a lady that came in, watched you pretty hard, then… which seemed… normal? I guess. Anyway, but then she started staring at me. It was weird. Asian lady, maybe. Denim jacket. She handed something to the bouncer and pointed at you, then left.”

Abby shakes her head and smiles at Tim. She has never met a guy before that wasn’t at least interested in looking at tits and ass, at least no straight ones, so he might be gay, of course.

“She gave something to Rob? Thanks. Well, now I am curious. Be right back.” Abby stands and walks over to the bouncer. “Hey, Rob, I was told that some woman was asking about me and might have left you something to give to me?”

“Yeah, weird note, here,” Rob hands it over to her.

  • I know.
  • Central Riverside Park at the Standing Stones
  • Friday 8pm

Abby frowns and shrugs her shoulders. “Hell, maybe it’s a date. I didn’t see her so I hope she’s cute.”

Rob chuckles. “Fuck, Abs, does it matter? If it pays, it plays, right?”

Abby laughs with him as she turns to leave. “Too right, Rob. Still, a good visual stimulation never hurts.” She walks over to Spider’s table, where he is watching the action on the floor and the stage. “Hey, Spider, got anything for me yet for Friday? If not, I might have something going.”

Spider smiles at Abby and the snake on her shoulders. “Hey, Abs. Nice job with that thing. I told you it would be popular. And no, not yet for Friday. Hey, you know the rules about outside work.”

Abby snorts. “Like hell you did. Now you like him because he brings in more customers.” She lifts Sin’s head up and kisses him. “Don’t pay any attention to the man, Sin. He’s just jealous that you get to sleep with me at night and he doesn’t.” Looking back at Spider, she nods her head. “Don’t worry. You’ll get your cut if I get paid anything. Anyway, it might not happen, but leave the weekend open, right? I was going camping anyway, remember? Starting Saturday.”

Spider’s look turns into almost a leer as he considers what Abby has said. “The snake, er, Sin, sleeps with you? Is that something we could put into your routine?”

Abby laughs. “Maybe. I will let you know. Would you like to see Sin crawling all over me?” She winks at Desire, who is sitting next to Spider at the table.

Desire gives her man a gentle elbow and is laughing when he turns to her. “She’s fucking got you on, Spider. For a smart guy, you can be so gullible sometimes.”

She and Abby share the laugh and Spider sputters. “Ha ha. Very funny. Just sayin’ that something like that could bring in the crowds. Hey, don’t forget that you have floor duty, too. That kid ain’t paying your wages here, and I’m not paying you to babysit.”

Abby is still chuckling as she returns to Tim and show him the note. “Odd note, this, don’t you think? Funny that she looked at you, too, though, yet no note for you. Did you get any sort of feeling about her, like you did with me?” At Tim’s shake of his head, she frowns and adds, “Maybe you have to be closer, or something. So, how do you feel about being my date on Friday evening. I already cleared it with my boss to not schedule me for an escort gig that night, so I am available. Say, other than that, I usually go camping one weekend a month and this is supposed to be it. Interested? I don’t go very far, but it’s a good way to get out and just be me without worrying who I am sleeping with, you know. It’ll be fun, so say yes.”

Abby stands up. “Think about it while I am away. I have to work the floor a bit and shill some drinks and lap dances for the boss. Then I have my second set on the stage.” She leans in close to him and he cannot help but see down the loose top she is wearing. “Listen, I am sorry if this shit bothers you. Let me know if you need to leave and I can front a cab for you. Back in a bit.”

Smiling, Abby walks down onto the floor and begins walking through the tables. She is stopped at the first one and after a bit of negotiating, some money changes hands and she begins giving the patron a very sexy lap dance.


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