Ashley Anderson


Five foot ten (looking even taller thanks to Doc Marten boots), 180 pounds, shoulders wider than those of many men, but more than enough boobs, hip, and butt to dispel any confusion about her gender. Steely blue eyes, shoulder length blonde hair currently died black and usually roughly braided, purple eye-shadow and no other make-up, ten visible piercings (eleven if she sticks her tongue out at you), full-sleeve arm tattoos are a work in progress as money permits. More tattoos and piercings are likely under her usual attire of black t-shirt and jeans.

She is pretty down to earth and aware of her own faults, but is also stubborn. She’s generally easy to talk to, but will quickly shut down guys who are trying to hit on her. She seems to have a knack for picking up on what people are thinking about, but doesn’t usually realize how close to the mark her comments may have hit.


Ashley grew up on a farm near Rose Hill, east of Wichita. She spent a lot of her developmental years hanging out with Corbin Lancaster, who lived less than a mile away. She was a good student and a star athlete. Had she been a boy she might indeed have been everything that her father wanted in a child: big, strong, athletic, attractive, a little bit of a rebel, interested in the ladies. Mark Anderson managed to accept most of those coming from a daughter, the rebellion part was creating a lot of family strife through the first part of highschool, and then the final one came into the open and that he could not accept.

Ashley moved in with an older cousin in Derby for her Senior year of high school at which time her piercings, tattoos, and general goth look started as well as her more open pot use. She stayed close with Corb, however, and gave him a lot of drives that year while his father was in cancer treatments and he was trying to sort out his post-high-school life.

She’s in her second year of making waves in the Veterinary Assistant program at the Butler College El Dorado campus, but she shares an apartment with a few other young women in the Old Town portion of Wichita.

Ashley Anderson

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