Coach McCallister

Aging Hippy, retired gym teacher, holistic healer


Andrew McCallister claims he was a Vietnam draft dodger, although he moved home to Kansas without trouble in the 1990s so maybe not — but he still looks the part of a former hippy, with longish grey hair , and a tendency towards tie-dye and hemp ponchos and other items rare to see in Wichita (except when he is out running when he can be found in the latest and brightest gear)

He’s slightly above average in height, thin, and vigorous.


That he became a gym teacher in rural Kansas speaks to his personal charm and outstanding resume, that the school was sad to see him retire after nearly twenty years speaks to his excellence as a teacher and coach. He was particularly good at seeing raw talent in young people and coaxing them into sports and positions where they could excel. One of his many successes was turning Corb into an effective punt returner and running back, despite his smallish size.

Since retiring a few years ago he move to the edge of Wichita, where he has set up a home business as a holistic healer. His business seems to be thriving.

Coach McCallister

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