Corbin "Corb" Lancaster

Asian-American farmboy


Corb is Asian-American, although judging just where in Asia his ancestors came from can be tricky as as mostly faint birthmark covers the left side of his face, puffing up to put a squint in his left eye and giving his nose an off-balance look.

Physically he is on the short side by local standards and of somewhat slight build, but he’s solidly muscled and usually on the move and taking up at least as much space as any of his longer legged peers.

He can usually be found wearing almost stereotypical farmer wear — plaid shirt over a t-shirt, well worn jeans, and work boots. He keeps a good polish on his boots and the shirt and jeans look ironed. He clips his own hair in a classic 2-3-4 brush cut


You don’t have to know Corb for long before you hear that he grew up on a farm near Rose Hill, and still thinks of Wichita as the ‘big city,’ despite having lived and worked here for a year now. It won’t take much longer before you learn he loves airplanes and hopes to get his pilot license someday, but for now he’s working hard to save for more lessons and to get the mortgage on the remains of the family farm paid off.

Like many people his age he’s putting together whatever work he can while he works on his future. Besides the flying lessons he’s registered for EMT training, with a plan to get his full paramedic training and maybe someday work air ambulances if he can’t get back into farming. But for now he’s got some hours on the grounds maintenance crew at Beech Factory Airport, he’s registered as a security guard with Martin Event Services and has started to get more regular calls to work various events at arenas and other facilities which they manage, and he’s pretty regularly out to Rose Hill to work as an extra farm hand for various relatives and former neighbors.

He’s also in the Kansas Air National Guard, so one weekend a month and for a couple of weeks once a year he drives up to Topeka to the air tanker base (he hopes to get a transfer to the intelligence squadron based in Wichita, but this is easier asked than granted)

Corbin "Corb" Lancaster

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