Eric Moon

Tow-Truck driver, Corb's cousin


Early 30s but looks older. Has taken to wearing a bandana to cover his thinning hair. Mustache comes and goes Jean jacket tries to hide his growing paunch. Prone to fits of hacking coughs, which usually lead to the next cigarette.


Eric is a tow truck driver, mostly working the interstates. He does nothing to improve the sometimes poor reputation of tow-truck drivers as vultures preying on the unfortunate. He does, however, know a lot about local garages who are not sticklers for the rules, where to get cheap booze, how to arrange a black-market abortion, and places to fence items that he just happened to find on the road.

In his own mind he is a rocker, a rebel, a bad boy who the women can’t resist. He’s somewhat puzzled and aggravated as to why Corb won’t listen to his wisdom and mostly avoids his company.

He has fathered a least one kid, but shows no real interest in them other than not being snared into paying child support.

Eric Moon

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