Hannah Williams

Young woman on a dangerous trajectory


Average height, more than average curves for 16 years old. Hair bleached blonde except when it isn’t, almost wearing more make-up and less clothes than the occasion calls for. Could be mistaken for 22, at least by those who want to claim they didn’t know she was so young. So far youthful vigour is the equal to the abuses her lifestyle does to her body, so she seldom has much trouble finding those inclined to look at her that way.


Hannah is the oldest of Eric Moon’s kids, the result of high school hook-up. She never had much support from Eric, but has occasionally moved in with him occasionally when her mother has kicked her out.

Hannah would appear to be trying to make her parent’s life choices look better by providing an even worse example. Exactly who she is hanging around with changes periodically, but generally for the worse.

Corb has helped her get out of trouble a couple of times so far. He’s told her that she has to be smarter and avoid trouble more, but she seems confident that her cousin-once-removed won’t let her down.

Hannah Williams

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