Jesse Lancaster

Corb's Mom


Jesse suffers from poly-cystic ovary syndrome PCOS), which tends to give her more facial and body hair than most women, and also makes it easy to gain weight, but more critically in her life it rendered her infertile, leading to the adoption of Corb. Combining her PCOS with a true love of food has led Jesse to get rather large over the years, especially since they sold the farm to pay Ron’s medical bills, taking a lot of activity out of her life.


The first of her family to go to college. They thought she might become an accountant to keep them clear of the tax man, or maybe go on to be a slick lawyer. Instead she married a farmer and became a librarian in rural Rose Hill.

Since Ron died she has lived a quiet life in Rose Hill, half an hour out of the city, avoiding her mostly ne’er-do-well family in Wichita. She presides over the local library and stays busy with activities at the church.

What most people miss, given her physical state, is that she is very intelligent, is extremely wide read, and is an effective researcher in the library and on-line.

Jesse Lancaster

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