Lester Gabriel

Preacher Man


Entering his fifties now, Lester bears the marks of age and hard living, but still has a powerful frame and equally powerful voice. He is still ready and able to preach for hours on end when it is called for. He can be found in a cheap suit when at more public events, but prefers jeans and work boots topped with somewhat garish vestments of his own design when in the company of his followers.


Lester Moon had a tumultuous youth, ultimately resulting in a prison term for manslaughter. He claims to have been visited by an angel while inside, and when he got out he started going by Lester Gabriel rather than Lester Moon. For the past fifteen years he’s headed the Circle of Angelic Glory Church, operating out of wherever he can rent space for his small congregation. There might be some who say his church is closer to being a cult, and others who don’t think he’s ever been anything but a hustler, but it is best not to say that to Lester or his congregation.

He is second cousin to Jessie Lancaster, Corb’s Mother. He’s tried to recruit Corb to his congregation since the young man first moved into the city, but so far without luck. He claims that a dark shadow follows Corb, which will ultimately swallow him unless he learns the revelations of Lester’s Church.

Lester Gabriel

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