Maria Johnson



She’s 1m65 and 52 kg of latin fury. On the job she wears the standard firefighting uniform. In her free time when racing she wears mostly black combat boots, black or brown tight fitting leather pants, a matching leather biker jacket and tank tops of various makes and models. When working in the garage she mostly wears more loose fitting clothes, mostly dirty from motor oil and the like. She always wears a small silver cross on a chain around her neck.


She’s a junior firefighter in the Wichita fire brigade for about one year now and off duty she’s a street racer. She’s very happy with her life and while she’s often a bit direct against new people (she still has her latin temperament), she can be quite friendly as soon as she knows people. Her foster parents divorced after her father, also a firefighter, had an accident and started drinking. She’s a supporter for the Wichita Wingnuts Baseball team.

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Maria Johnson

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