Li Quingmin

Or Minnie, for short...


Short and slight Han Chinese girl, hides behind a curtain of hair (wears it up when it hot). Ask a lot of questions in a quiet soft voice, only asks once and if someone hears ands answers she just says “oh, OK” not given to talking is constantly on her phone or has her earphones in.


Works in family shop evenings and weekends and holidays on account of her parents being much older and sickly. Only child and a girl in a Chinese family but both parents love her, father has decided she will be something in medicine and pushes her hard but to his credit he sits and helps her with her homework every night and sits up on the computer all night looking for the answers if he doesn’t know.

what he doesn’t know is what a disaster sending her back to China to visit family was. while she was in the village (ewww! ICK!!!) she met one of her cousins who had defied convention (any the law) to move to the coast and work in a factory, she now boasted of her flat and brought many presents for her family.

Minnie has know for a long time that she was not good enough for the family plan. she was not going to get that good a grade for Pre-Med so she had to come up with a plan. on the pan home to the USA she watch a fu movie. by the time she landed she had the plan. leaving the airport she saw Jackie Chan’s Auto-biography. by the time she had arrived back at the shop the plan was ready.

She started Kung fu lessons and excelled she stopped coasting in sports and excelled. she now coasts in school and applies every possible moment to training. Jackie Chans word about 1000 punch front drives her to excel (yes she can do 1000 punch front)

Li Quingmin

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