Robert "Spider" Wilson

Bookie, Strip Club Owner, Escort Service Owner, Fence


Don’t ever call him anything but Spider. He got the name from the large tattoo of a spider web and spider that covers his torso. His greasy hair is usually pulled back in a short pony tail. He has four gold teeth and wears gold rings on his fingers and several large gold chains around his neck. He owns Classy and Cute, a strip club and escort service. The club also has a back room where VIP customers can gamble and he takes bets on sporting events. He is also known to trade money for merchandise and give a premium price to those who spend time in the illegal casino or select one of his pricey escorts. He rarely goes anywhere without two large men who act as his bodyguards.


The man is pure slime. He thinks little of the girls that practically slave for him, but he is fair about their wages ever since he lost a court case involving several former strippers who sued for wages and tips. He is not against ripping customers off with watered down drinks and rigged machines in the back gaming room. He is scrupulous about taking care of his escorts as they are his big money makers. He has four beautiful girls on call and he provides a man to escort them to the hotels where they meet the clients and then takes them home when they are finished.

Robert "Spider" Wilson

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