Timothy Obrien

Jock, studying to be a cop like his dad.


A 6’5, 250 lb, dark haired, green eyed jock. Football, Wrestling, and Boxing have molded his body into wiry steel. He’s wearing khakis, a navy blue polo shirt under a Notre Dame jacket. Brown Rockports clad his stocky hooves.

In his alter form, Timothy’s flesh turns to stone and his bones turn to steel, ripping from the stone at various joints. His features in this form are rough hewn and blockish. He gains nearly a foot in height.


After the death of his mother, the distance grew between Tim and his cop father to the same distance of Gary, Indiana to Wichita, Kansas. Tim tried for glory on the football field but had a disappointing season. So he’s finishing his associates in Criminal Forensics at Butler JUCO. He’s a janitor at the Wichita Police Station, his dad helped him land the job.

Timothy Obrien

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