TJ Burr

Incredible Edibles


TJ is a somewhat tall and slightly overweight man (approximately 6’-2" and 220 lbs.) with close cropped black hair and a trimmed beard. He has numerous tattoos down the length of both arms and across his back. He wears simple and well worn clothing, jeans, t-shirts and hoodies, an old leather belt with a large silver buckle that has a pot leaf embossed on it. His wallet is tied to a chain, and he is always wearing a pair of old grease covered doc martins with mismatched laces. Most of the time he is carrying a green canvas backpack and is often seen cruising through town in his brown ’84 Buick Le Sabre with his dog, a blue-tick coonhound named Ben.


Laid back and friendly, TJ is easy to strike up a conversation with, whether your sitting next to him at a bar or gathered around a bonfire at a house party. Most of his friends know if you swing by the kitchen at Brent’s diner while he is on shift you can pick up a dime of some high-octane cush that he grows himself.

TJ Burr

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