Character Creation

Character Creation

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Character Attributes

Rolls for Character Creation will be made using Orokos Dice Roller.

Create an account if you don’t already have one. Orokos stores dice rolls and histories so that all dice rolls can be posted with a link to the roll itself.

You are playing a character between 18 and 23 years old. The character lives in the city of Wichita, KS. Kansas is having economic issues, but Wichita is experiencing some growth. So, even though it’s a small city, there is room for characters from all economic standings and ethnicity.

The game is set in Wichita because I’m currently living here and it will be easy for me to cruise around and incorporate what I see into the game. It’s not the most exciting city, but that actually suits the purposes of the game well.

It is possible or even likely that your character is a Senior in HS or attending one of the colleges there. It is also possible that your character is a member of the Army or Navy Reserve or Air Force Guard. If so, they are going to be lower enlisted ranks. Your character might also be in one of the gangs local to Wichita, involved in the meth trade and other related crimes.

Whether your character knows it or not, he or she is an orphan. If they know they are an orphan, biological parents are unknown to the character.

As you craft your character, please use and respond to the 20 questions and share the answers with me. These answers will be important, especially 1-15. 16-20 will come about more naturally.

A lot of the NPCs will be based on your characters. So there will be quite a bit of prep to perform after the characters are made.

If there are any questions let me know. When the game starts, I’ll replace this page and develop the wiki. Play will be conducted in the forums.

Some additional questions:

Does your character have siblings? Are they also adopted or are they naturally born to your parents?

Do you live with parents who cared for you? Were you a foster kid in the foster system?

What intramural activities are you involved in?

Do you have a job? Cashier at the local supermarket? A young hairdresser? Stockboy? Starbucks Barista?

What interests does your character have? Hunts? Video games? Going to the local top 40s/hip hop bar?

Does your character have any issues? Drug addiction (or just casual drug use)? Depression? Nightmares?


Maybe your character served in the Military? It’s possible to have served a single tour of duty (3-4 years) and returned to Wichita to attend college with your college fund. It’s possible that you are a reservist and went to basic and job training and now serve one weekend a month and are still in. You could be enlisted if you went active or either enlisted or an officer if you are a reservist. Being a former active enlisted or reserve officer puts your character squarely at 22 or 23 years old. Enlisted reservist could still be as young as 19.

Perhaps your character is involved in crime in some way? Maybe a drug dealer or local gang member. Do you have an arrest record? As a juvenile? As an adult? Maybe you were an informant?

Perhaps you’re a college student? What’s your major? Are you involved on any sports teams?

Character Creation

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