On 14 February, 2017, at approximately 6:02 am EST, the planet was enveloped in an unnatural darkness for 24 hours. The darkness wasn’t simply ‘night’ as neither the moon nor the stars were visible. Panic broke out worldwide with riots, fires, car accidents, and suicides. 600,000 people were reported to have died worldwide, with 20,000 in the U.S. alone. Thousands more were reported missing.

During this Dark Day, as it later came to be known, reports of demons and monsters began pouring into police departments. These reports were attributes to pranks at best and mass hysteria at worst. The belief by many that it was ‘Judgement Day’ contributed to the idea that it was natural to see demons and angels as a by-product of the fear and panic. Conspiracy theorists believed that the monsters were real and that the government and other institutions were covering it up. That no monsters or bodies of monsters were later found allowed many to accept that these calls were indeed hoaxes or hallucinations.

At 6:02 EST the following day, the darkness broke. The light returned and the world celebrated. The worst had come and gone… or so they thought.

Our tale begins by introducing a handful of young people in Wichita, Kansas. The largest city in Kansas, 48th in the U.S., the city is centrally located in the country and host to McConnell Air Force Base. Wichita was not spared by the phenomena of Dark Day and lost its fair share of citizens, most during a massacre at a Dillon’s grocery store in the eastern part of the city. The official body count was 23.

On that day, five young men and one young woman individually experienced something beyond the oddities that most others did. They were viciously attacked in some manner and despite poor odds, somehow managed to survive their ordeals.

Abigail Stern’s mentor disappeared and she was ultimately assaulted by two young men from her dark past… when she came to herself the men were dead at her feet, in Mama Lini’s house.

Corbin Lancaster was at the Dillon’s when the massacre happened. Though he was shot in the chest with a shotgun, he somehow managed to escape, waking up with his bloody clothes in tatters in a field on his family farm.

James Macauley saved a young woman from two strange men who would have killed them both, had he not been able to overpower them. Traveling with the woman to her house, they found that her father had been taken from it, and the house was trashed. James offered the woman, Flo, a place to crash for the time being while she tried to figure out what to do next.

Jonathan Rictor, a vagrant, was awakened by someone… or something… killing homeless people in the tent community under the I-135 and Kellogg overpass. though he tried to flee, the thing caught up to him and nearly killed him before he managed to fight it off.

Timothy Obrien was run off the road by an unknown assailant and nearly died in the ensuing crash but managed to pull himself free of the wreckage before his assailant tried to run him down. He not only survived but killed the man who was trying to kill him.

And T.J. Burr, a short order chef living in Old Town happened upon another accident, where a women brutally murdered her apparent twin sister. She attacked him as well but he fought her off. Unfortunately, she got away and T.J. had to deal with the appearance of three off ‘gang members’. Adding to his confusion was the ultimate realization that the woman was Janet Miller, District Council member for District VI and the vice-mayor of Wichita…

Eventually, each of them learned that they had survived by transforming into some manner of humanoid monster, possessing great strength and supernatural powers.

In the days that followed, Corb and TJ met at the Beacon, where TJ worked. They sensed that they were kindred souls, somehow, and eventually got to talking. In much the same way, fate conspired to bring Abby and Tim together, where they discovered their own similarities (and differences).

In each instance, a mysterious woman left a note for them to meet her the following Friday, 25 February, at a location in one of Wichita’s City Parks…

Corb, TJ, Abby, and Tim met with Flo and James at the park as requested. Flo explained to them the Osage origin tales and suggested that the recent happenings were connected. Though some expressed disbelief, they all agreed that it was more than any of them had, as far as theories went.

In her tales, ancient beings from another realm have invaded the planet and that Corb and the others represented members of that race who had decided to join with humanity in pre-historic times.

Flo explained that many ‘mystics’, including her father, were taken by the invaders, as they were a threat to the invasion. However, she knew of at least one mystic who had not yet been taken, a woman named Trish who had lost her way before but, Flo thought, might have found her power increased with the influx of magical energy to the Earth.

The group traveled to Medicine Lodge, Kansas, about an hour and a half southwest from Wichita. There they met with Trish and were in the midst of explaining things to her when a group of cars pulled in. The doors opened, revealing men in dark suits and wearing sunglasses (even though it was night).

When TJ went to speak to them, they immediately became hostile. The group were forced to change into their alter-egos. In just a few minutes, they managed to kill all but one of the ‘Agents’ .

Unfortunately, in the fight, Trish had been mortally wounded and died. The group quickly left and met back up in the parking lot of the Lowe’s that James worked in to discuss their future plans.


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