It had been two weeks now, and Maria was back at work. She had done the psychological evaluation and was cleared to work. But there were still some colleagues who were a bit reserved around her. The rumours had still not died down, even though nothing had happened in those two weeks.

In fact a lot had happened, just not at work. A couple of nights after what had become known as Dark Day, Maria had gone into her barn, put the car to the side and tried to change again. It had taken quite a bit of time before she figured it out and it had turned out to be quite painful to do, but she managed to change again. Luckily she had made some changes to the layout of the garage and she didn’t burn it down. The flames were quite spectacular, as were the wings. She would have to try to fly one day, but that was something she would do far away from the city. For the first time, she just ran around a bit on her wheels in the garage.

A week later she had indeed taken the bike out to the Cheney park camping and at night when everybody was asleep, she changed again. She had hoped it would be less painful after a few times, but apparently that was not to be. But here she could stretch her wings a bit. She had a couple of false starts and added a couple of bruises, although she had the feeling that in her new form she had a lot more stamina. It turned out that flying was more difficult than she had anticipated, but in the end she got the hang of it, sorta.

That night she had also discovered something else. She had just arrived back at the campsite after flying around a bit and she had screwed up her landing, crashing on her bike. She didn’t have much, but the bike had fallen and she immediately noticed some damage. It should still run, but she wouldn’t be able to start it. Annoyed that she would probably have to call John and try to come up with a good excuse why the bike was damaged, she cursed at it while lifting it back up and suddenly it started.

That was rather unexpected and she looked at it in surprise. Then it shut down again.
“Wait a minute,” she said to herself. She looked at the bike again and simply said “Start”. Of course nothing happened. Then she touched it and willed it to start and it did.
“Neat,” she remarked. She played around with it, finding out she could let the bike do just about anything it could normally do. It would be rather fun, although she probably couldn’t drive around looking like she did now. Well, she better get back to the city, now that the bike was still running. She changed back, packed everything up and drove back.


JaydeMoon koenven

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